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Essentials to the success and good profits in SFI: 

1. Achieve and maintain EA status each month (1500 LP) 

2. Learn the people below to do the same. 

DAILY TASK (do it every day): 

In tab “TO-DO-LIST”, in Daily Actions achieve 11 VP – EVERY DAY. 

In tab “TO-DO-LIST”, in Weekly Actions achieve WEEKLY: 

1) 30 VP (every week, monthly = 120 VP): send TMail to yours PSA or CSA – EVERY WEEK. 

2) 5 VP (each week = 20 VP monthly): click on the “For TConnect reviewing your page.” Open, view, close the page … = 5 VP weekly 

3) 3 VP per week (each week = 12 VP monthly): Write 3 blog posts a week (every second day). 

All together, it is: 

a) Daily Actions: 11 x 30 = 330 VP 

b) Weekly Actions: 120 + 20 + 12 = 152 VP 

For each personally sponsored EA2 (EA two months in a row) and maintaining EA status, you will gain 100 VP. If you have, for example, 10 of them = 1000 VP. This is 1000 VP EVERY MONTH (while maintaining EA status). 
Plan of $ 3000 a month – after 6 months! 

1. Being EA – every month 

2. Find 5 serious people who want to do the same 

3. Teach them to do these 3 steps 

See and examine carefully Fabrizio Perotti’s blog and video. He is rated as the best sponsor in SFI. http://www.unioneconsumatori.org/sfimg/3-step-plan-video/ 

The first month is easy to achieve EA (1500 VP). However, earnings for the first month is very small. 

SECOND month is critical! Whoever prevails small profit in the first month and hold EA position in the second month, and proceed as planned – will succeed and create permanent, serious profits in SFI – after 6 months (or sooner or later)! 
SFI is a serious and reliable business for more then 13 years. 
Treat SFI seriously, as YOUR OWN business – and you will succeed! 
Work every day to improve your belief in yourself and SFI. 

Learn, train and improve yourself every day. 

Be persistent and patient, and – you SIMPLY CAN NOT FAIL! 

If you don’t have money to invest read this: 

After registering the first thing you have to do is gathering 500 VP from your TO DO list, which what will bring you 200 VP more as a gift from our company. And these 700 VP is essential. 

Now if you have registered at the beginning of the month, you have enough time to bring yourself few active members, to bring them into your team through your referral link. 

We have LAUNCHPAD, but we won’t answer on questions from there in first month. Do not touch the banner installation on your blog, and co op manager leave for the second month too. 

Collect as many free TC credits playing T TIME at Triple Clicks … 

If you are registered at the beginning of the month there are great chances that you will fall on the green line, but it does not matter, because these points that you get in this contest we will compensate in other ways. Do regular daily and weekly tasks, and at about 20th in the following month you will know exactly how much you miss the VP to 1500, then catch up with it to the list of required points … and voila EA with ease … So we collect these 1500 during entire month, not in few minutes… 

If you are a registered mid-month are very high chances that you will be a finalist in the contest E365-green line if you decide to go to the achievement of status, because for a short time you will have to gather a lot more points, but otherwise, what would you climb high on the green line. Such waste time for advertising, you have less time to refer new members who would otherwise bring you points when you’re the second month, and have less time for getting free TC, but it will catch up with the points obtained on the green line. But it is still easy and like to pass the start without investment. This is how I am doing, registered on the 15th, I went to the status passed without investment … 

If you are registered at the end of the month 1th way is to collect only 500VP from the TO DO list, you get 200 VP present, and by the end of the month only doing daily and weekly tasks. These points you accumulate will transfer on the 1th of the next month and 

continue to operate only daily and weekly tasks. Daily and weekly activities will help in this way to bring at least 500VP, depending on how exactly you transfer points, so they are great chances that you’ll have plenty of time for advertising, gaming T TIME, however, these members have the greatest chance to time yourself build a team, and to pass entirely without investment, because they have too much time … 

If you are registered at the end of the month 2th and the worst way to achieve the status immediately upon registration, if you want to work without investment. Because that way you have to spend all the points from the TO DO list, answer Launchpad, and even install a banner … And without this banner, you have collected almost all the possible points, so that in the second month for you nothing remains, you have not had time to assemble a team, you have not had time to gather enough TC, all that remains is to invest and buy TC already in your second month, and in each subsequent until you catch up with your mistake made at the beginning… 

Now we have launchpad – 450, co-op manager 100, and banner-100, 650VP = + daily activities 300 = 950 .. and a weekly activity? 12 points from Stream +20 from visiting Triple Clicks’ll say, +120 group mailers means 950 = 152 +152 = 1102 … 

That means if you are regularly active and you can have another month to ease in 1102 or so VP. Many of those lucky enough to already join in its first month and that these same people are EA2 and will receive on each EA2 100vp … 

But let’s say that you do not have them, nor one member who is EA2 … but you have members, and have TC credits … 

The only one option is that those TC credits on the DP auction now you change into MRP and later with those MRP purchas by 1TC. 1TC = 126MRP, with each such purchase gain 102 VP. That means it is enough for two months to collect around 40 say TC credits or about as much as you have in this month in order to have EA status. 

If you do not have these credits, and have by some members, there was always the possibility that your member open the ECA , their shop, with electronic books, for example, for each open shop with a loaded product is obtained 100VP. 

So if you are thinking on the time, plan on time, everyone can easily pass without investment … 

3rd MONTH 
The third month is unnecessary to describe, because if you play regularly T Time, if you enroll regularly, if you have mastered the opening of shops, everything you need in the third month of a little ingenuity and organization. 

In this month’s all the same, just as there is no longer a gift of VP of the company, everything is up to you if you do not have a single member, if you do not play T TIME, you can be sure that you will have to start with the purchase, although this is somewhat small, _ some TC, but without it can. Daily and weekly activities, _ some members, some shop _ some TC, and with ease to achieve status, if you are planning on time … 

The conclusion is this: Start is the most important, without team has no earnings … If your members are doing wrong you earn immediately, but very possible you will lose the trust of the people, because they are all fed up with the costs, and if you work on this another way, without the investment and slowly, you will have to be patient into waiting your earnings, but in this way you will surely welcome earnings, and have a team that trust in you … 

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