SFI your dream and your business from HOME


Getting Started With Your SFI Business

Program Overview:
SFI Basics
LaunchPad Training—SFI’s exclusive „getting started“ training series
Benefits Chart
SFI Compensation Plan
Compare SFI To Other Biz Opps

Getting Started:
Watch our START! video
Your TConnect Page
Getting Started FAQs
Whitelisting mail@sfimg.com
How To Get Started In SFI For Free
Dispelling An SFI Myth
Getting Comfortable With The SFI Program
Standing Order Central Information Page
SFI Forum Tips
Tips For Uploading Your Photo

International Resources & Issues:
Language Translation At SFI
SFI International Affiliate Resources
Are You Ignoring 80% Of Your Market?

Success, Goals, & Motivation:
Why SFI Works For Some And Not For Others
22 Insider Tips to Working from Home Successfully, by Gobala Krishnan
Some Thoughts On Goals…
Financially Independent In Three Years Through SFI, by Winston Saga





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