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black room with red sofa and night-light
black room with red sofa and night-light

Success through happiness

Happy are more successful than unhappy people. Because the high emotions affect the professional career immensely. That said the study by the Max Planck Institute in Jena. Therefore, one’s own happiness on working life has a positive effect. The affected person is having an excellent attitude get to work and transfers this positive feeling as a good performance in the career. Bad mood can ever adversely affect the results in success. Therefore, it is good news that everyone can do something for his good humor. A few quick tips for you.

Who goes lightly and his feet not pulling behind her acts looser and this posture automatically affects the well-being from. Make great walking steps and let it dangle your arms slightly. Holding to her head straight and upright.

We all get us even know how a negative thought creeps into our head. Then these negative thoughts flood break with the code word: „Rich-Code“ from. Underline this codeword by you thereby shorting your eyes and open your back. Schwenke to immediately then your thoughts on the great results already geschafften over.

Compliment distribution and compliment receiver both feel for these nice words much better, as studies have shown. Spread from time to time a compliment.

Fresh air:
Fresh air for 20 minutes a day and the best at 13.9 degrees, the American Meteorological Society says.

Getting enough sleep:
Who does not sleep enough, can significantly better call negative thoughts in your head. Well-rested people live healthier lives and have significantly more positive feeling in itself.

Experience more:
Instead of constantly buying only material things, but you do not begrudge an adventure. Make a spontaneous short trip or experience something extraordinary. So you can keep great memories and can this positive feeling always and always call back into memory.

This tip is not immediately feasible for itself on the fly, but the long term affects the feeling of happiness. According to the US study are 35.500,00 dollars (converted 26,100.00 euros) an optimal net annual income. with 26,100.00 euros, people are consistently happy. Someone who earns more moreover, is greedy, so the statement of the scientists.


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