…weil wir Smoothies lieben! Das Kompendium als eBook
In diesem Smoothie-Kompendium verraten wir Dir die wichtigsten Hintergrundinfos rund um Smoothies.

Du lernst, worauf Du beim Mixen eigener Smoothies unbedingt achten solltest, damit Du Dich im Anschluss sicher in der Welt der Smoothies bewegen kannst. 

Auf 70 starken Seiten verraten wir Dir unter anderem Antworten auf die Fragen:

* Was sind die Vorteile von Superfoods?

* Warum ziehen wir frische Smoothies denen aus dem Supermarkt vor?

* Smoothies: Wann trinken? Wie aufbewahren? Wie lange haltbar?

* Kann ich mit Smoothies abnehmen?

* Wie gut sind Smoothies für Sportler?

* Ist eine (dauerhafte) Ernährung ausschließlich durch Smoothies sinnvoll?

* Smoothie Mixer kaufen: Worauf achten?

* Tägliche Zuckerzufuhr: Wie viel ist noch gesund?

* Welche Menge an Fructose darf ich zu mir nehmen?

Zusätzlich bekommst Du unsere 12 besten Smoothie-Rezepte zum Nachmixen, hilfreiche Nährstofflisten und zahlreiche Tipps im Bonusmaterial!

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Did you know that since the launch of Recyclix as an online platform in 2015, we have seen almost one million registrations? This is a mind-boggling number, even if we discount non-active and trial accounts. That is why we are always delighted to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of actual members who remain supportive and actively involved in our recycling business endeavors, from then until now.
We are so excited for the upcoming Solids Basel on November 16-17 in Switzerland, where the whole Recyclix team will be present and happy to meet and speak with you at Stand B12. This is also where we will also officially release the interim financial report we mentioned in the previous newsletter in conjunction with the Basel event. Make sure you have registered your participation.

The last few weeks also saw our development and technical team working very hard to continuously improve user experience on our website. We are committed to making sure you have the best options and the most secure way of managing your accounts. So please review the below summary of recent improvements that we implemented:

1. Downloadable and printable pdf documents are now available for BTC and credit card deposits for your records and reference. You can see this on your Deposits History page.

2. The 12% commission from direct referrals can now be credited either to your Withdrawal or Account Balance. Please make your selection on your Edit Profile page.

3. You can review your Equipment Units purchases on your History page.

4. To avoid mistakenly selling materials before it is financially profitable, the SELL button has been disabled for users with selling revenue share of less than 33.33%. Should you still wish to sell despite a possible loss, please email our support team to enable the sell feature on your profile.

5. As announced last month, the automatic referral links are now completely removed for every user. To sponsor a new user, they would have to manually enter your account ID during the registration process.
As we make these positive changes on the online platform, we are also making big strides on our physical locations and facilities. The construction of the Lobez facility is going ahead as scheduled. We appreciate your huge support and interest in this ongoing project, so much so that our website servers sometimes have a difficult time coping with the large number of people watching the live stream. This is why we have taken them off for the time being and will them available on a different online channel very soon.

Another important event we are celebrating is the establishment of our Italian office in its financial and fashion capital, Milan. The main goal of this office is to get us in touch with Italian granule buyers and providers of plastic waste. Please note that, like in all the other offices you need to fix an appointment if you want to visit our staff members in this office, which is located in the Copernico Building in Via Copernico 38, Milan.
As we end on that very high note, we thank you once again for being with us through out this year. We are winding down 2016, but there are only bigger and better things for 2017 and we expect you all to come along with us for this exciting ride! There is truly nothing better than to be financially rewarded while fulfilling our obligation to preserving the environment for the next generations!
Recyclix-The real recycling industry

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